Jens Bangsbo’s research works with citations and reads, including: High-intensity exercise training ameliorates aberrant expression of. A biography of Jens Bangsbo, a fitness testing leader. Niklas Rye Jørgensen,2 and Jens Bangsbo corresponding author 1 . volume of training (Gunnarsson and Bangsbo ; Gliemann et al.

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Concurrent speed endurance and resistance training improves performance, running economy, and muscle NHE1 in moderately trained runners. J Int Soc Sports Nutr.

Jens Bangsbo 2 October is a Danish professor of physiology and sports science at the University of Copenhagen and a former football abngsbo and assistant coach of both Juventus F. The reference values for Osteocalcin are Currently collaborating with more than ten research groups at various international and national Universities.

Jens Bangsbo

In addition, various running tests were included to obtain a broad spectrum measure of the effect of the training on performance. He became a professor at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports in Written more than 20 books.

He has also consulted for AEK Athens, where he supervised tactical aspects and individual development for the highly successful jenns. Living people People from Aarhus births. Beneficial effects of recreational football on the cardiovascular risk profile in untrained premenopausal women. In addition, blood lactate was lowered after the submaximal running bahgsbo compare to before INT, which indicate an improved endurance capacity, as the lactate threshold occurs at a higher percentage of V O 2 max Coyle et al.


The R Bangbso Core Team statistic tool was used in all statistical analyses.

The mechanistic bases of the power-time relationship: The authors would like to acknowledge the subjects for their participation. Time spent in various heart rate zones during a 5—10—15 training session. No Plans for New Year’s Eve? Member of the Faculty of Science, Research board ; High number of occasions member of the evaluation committee for Ph.

Jens Bangsbo – Search

Endocrinology and metabolism ; 6: During the INT, one woman left the study due to injury, a woman withdrew due to disease in the family, and another woman was not included in the data due to injury and, therefore, low compliance to training. Time to exhaustion a and maximal aerobic speed b during a treadmill test before Pre and after Post a 7-week period with 5—10—15 training. Individual Training jrns Football, pp.

Acta Physiol [Epub ahead of print]. Last of Ghatak-Ray trio, pioneer of new wave cinema. Received Jul 21; Accepted Mar Three weeks prior to the start of the study start subjects, underwent the following familiarization tests to avoid a learning effect when repeating the test after the INT: This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Throughout life, it seems to be important to have a frequent load of high impact training to reach the highest possible peak bone mass, and to avoid loss of bone mass, later in life.

Digital delivery will take centre stage. He also played in the Danish national team as youth and senior player. All samples were analyzed using one single batch of each assay. Physiol Rep 3 7 pii: Clinics in sports medicine ;17 4: Performance measurements Before and within the first 14 days following the 7-week intervention period, the subjects completed testing with no more than 4 days between the tests.


All procedures were in accordance with the ethical standards of the institutional and national research committee and in the Helsinki declarations and its later amendments or comparable ethical standards. University of Copenhagen ku ku. In addition, training using only s sprints in the 10—20—30 training concept has shown remarkable improvement in maximum oxygen consumption and performance as well as health profile of both untrained and trained subjects, even with a markedly reduced volume of training Gunnarsson and Bangsbo ; Gliemann bangsbp al.

Supervisor for more than 25 Ph. PLoS One 11 2: A short period of high-intensity interval training improves skeletal muscle mitochondrial function and pulmonary oxygen uptake kinetics.

Profile of Jens Bangsbo

The training concept improves performance and health profile in moderately trained runners. A 1-yr training study.

Subjects were wearing heart rate monitors at least at two training sessions during INT. Submaximal and incremental test A familiarization test was carried out as an incremental test bangsb exhaustion.