JRC datasheet, JRC pdf, JRC data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, New Japan Radio, = NJM / Dual Operational Amplifier. the end of the datasheet. Noninverting Amplifier Schematic. 1. An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes. [CAUTION]. The specifications on this databook are only given for information, without any guarantee as regards either mistakes or omissions. The application.

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Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

People are building clones and ditching their ‘real deals’ because jdc4558 sound better. Ben HarmlessJun 4, My unscientific conclusion was that the best chip probably has yet to be found.

If you’re doing this to a TS 10, short out the 1K resistor leading to pin 3 of the dual opamp as well. By all reports, these sound as good as the original. Saying that the ‘ is the best dual opamp for a TS type pedal is like winning the lottery the very first time you play.

Even the slew rates, which some believe gives a hint to what makes the ‘ good, were all different. Great points made, truly. The LM sounds great in there and it is a horrible opamp by todays standards.

JRC4558 Datasheet

Both have the JRC In addition, the JRCD was used in tons of Japanese audio equipment at about the same time, so a junky cheap Japanese stereo or clock radio could have several hidden inside it. I feel datahseet is the primary reason for the audible differences. What have y’all overheard at the musician’s watercooler discussions?

I guess I’ll check back in 10 years from now and see how jrc558 have changed. The clone had premium caps as well. TL my fave The LT was also kinda cool sounding, but not consistently so in the handful of pedals that I tried it in. By all reports, the current manufacture JRCD’s sound just as good as the ones current with the manufacture of the original tube screamers. May 23, 4. This is where the rec.


There were zillions of the real “JRC” made when it was current. All of the ‘ variants sounded quite similar and ‘good’. I don’t think I went overboard with the cost on this one.

Log in or Sign up. So I don’t buy the Holy Grail theory. You must log in or sign up jrc558 reply here. I may even run some new tests with more chips, to see if I can find something better than my beloved TL Do you already have an account?

On the other hand, I also think we all at least I have personally tried some of the products on the idea of “if I can afford it, what can it hurt? They had nothing in common. Early TS’s have the Ibanez R “trademark” logo which some people seek. I didn’t overhear anything. I know I read something recently about the that even when krc4558 TS was in original production, there was no single vendor. As far as ‘s in general I will say this.

I tested about 25 different chips back in ’99, in a few 9’s, a few 5’s, and a clone. One of the 9’s was beefed up with better i. It’s a little relieving to know that some of the opamp chip gurus were willing to let this out of the bag. We have all gotten used to that noise, so it sounds better. Datashset yanked it out and put it in my TS5. They are still available in isolated caches of parts, although they can sometimes be hard to find.

JRC myths | Telecaster Guitar Forum

These 3, in particular, sounded really, really good. The old pedal was not superior to the new one in any way, in fact, it was inferior in ways.


The differences between the TL and the are subtle, but there none the less. I sent Analogman my TS-9 several years ago and had him replace the chip and beef up some weak irc4558 with no other mods and it came back as he described: I’m just wondering where things currently stand.

The Rat2 is the same way. May 23, 3. It’s a demonstrable fact that the tone quality of op amps varies significantly. If you want a JRC chip for a project, get a new chip from Steve at Small Bear Electronics who sells them cheap sorry we dont have time to sell chips or small parts. There’s a tremendous difference between being able to detect a difference and being able to specify the cause of the difference.

When you order these, you get parts that are labeled “JRC”. I replaced the two output resistors with carbon film resistors I had laying around, and I just order a couple of new RCP’s for 25 cents a piece. I’m just curious, because most pedal experts seem to concur that both old and current production chips from different parts of Asia all tend to sound consistently the same. However, the odds that they’ll hear a difference are very good, and if there’s an audible difference, multiple listeners will have consistent preferences.

There are millions of these vintage chips out there in old 70’s electronics junk. I put this in the same piles as some of the capacitor, resistor and conductor stuff floating around.

The in a Tube Screamer does have a sound that is good and is what a lot of people find to their liking. There are over 40 different dual op amp chips available.