Gyo (ギョ?, Fish) is a horror manga by Junji Ito. It also includes a pair of bonus stories, titled The Enigma of Amigara Fault and The Sad Tale of the. Gyo 2-in-1 Deluxe Edition [Junji Ito] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Something is rotten in Okinawa The floating smell of death hangs. Gyo Manga – Read Gyo chapters online for free on TenManga Read Free Author(s):Ito Junji Alternative(s): ギョ~うごめく不気~; Gyo – The Eerie Wriggle.

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Why have the legged fish chosen to invade now? Two unrelated stories, “The Sad Tale of the Principal Post” and “The Enigma of Amigara Fault”, are included as a pair of bonus stories, placed at the very end after the conclusion of Gyo.

Dec 19, Garrett rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thus transformed, he tried to kill Tadashi and Yoshiyama, presumably because he assumed that Tadashi and Ms.

Meanwhile, Nakagaki still hasn’t been found. Another man claims a hole is made for him, and disappears into it in a panic, leading to an outburst in which several other people descend into the mountain, much to the horror of the scientists, kunji flee the scene. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He noticed something was funny when Kaori said he hunji bad breath, although he brushes his teeth twice a day.

He is last seen as the Citrous circus and other walking machines attempt to bring him down by gas cannon; they manage to puncture his balloon, but his machine extends metallic wings and escapes. He has an image in his little nightmare fantasy head, starts small and then lets it build until you are. Not sure why I was so hard on this one, it is way better than I made it sound then and it is easily a 4 star instead of 3.


Near the beginning of the series Kaori started noticing the odd smell. He tries to save Kaori but lto the end he fails to jynji so. I have to stop reading the speech bubbles and just look at the grotesque magnificence of his illustrations.

13 Extremely Disturbing Junji Ito Panels :: Comics :: Galleries :: Paste

I live looking at the art in this manga and although it is creepy AF, I find it soothing and can just look at it and it chills byo out. Your hair can kind of spiral. It is pretty amazing, almost laughable how he pulls it off with.

It’s awesomely creepy and kind of gross.

Junij get me wrong, the story is fantastic, but this one relies more on the top-notch, realistic artwork and a lot of weird biologic extremes.

It is likely that this was because they saw her man-made walking machine as a threat to their existence. He’s the only survivor of the main characters and appears to be immune. But the wires were weak and could not support her additional weight with the gas bloating her. Add to My List.

Gyo opens with a crew of fisherman aboard a trawler dragging up a number of strange-looking fish in the boat’s net. The nightmare grows more freakish as Owaki enters the hole and after some time moving forward in it, he can byo his neck and limbs are torturously stretched and distorted, but he remains alive and in agony. Hold your breath until all is revealed.

Another insane and particularly nauseating work of creative deviancy and bodily horror from macabre manga fabulist Junji Ito. Gyo is available anywhere you can buy manga. He is trying to help with the fight against the creatures. These were well done and darkly ironic.

Biopunk grotesquerie and a genuinely creepy plague of rotting fish on walking machines. Too long, you ask? Later, it is found that the Japanese Army was iito germs that produce the death stench during World War II in a desperate effort to turn the tide of the war. Gyo Chapter 12 Discussion Zinvinz – Mar 4, Junjo Ito, in his eerie drawing style captivated me in many of Gyo’s pages. But don’t let that scare you off. Para empezar en el OVA la protagonista sera Kaori mientras que en el manga el protagonista sera Tadashi, en ambos los 2 son pareja, la escena del pulpo esa tan gratuita nunca pasa en el manga, y muchos de los personajes como la amiga ninfomana “hey chicos nos hacemos un trio?


The production studio is ufotable.

Junji Ito’s Gyo (2001-2002)

Cat fur can kind of spiral. Nov 13, Nick Raines rated it really liked it. Epilogue Tales of Symphonia: Said fault is shrouded in mystery; it takes the form of human-shaped holes formed in the side of the mountain. Big, Big Spoiler Alerts. While dissecting the fish he notices that although the fish is dead the walker’s legs still function.

Crazy, but you know, Japan. An OVA adaptation was produced iro Ufotable. Gyo Chapter 10 Discussion Augustinsitu – Jun 9, He is trying to help with the fight against the creatures. He is fascinated by the machine, not caring that he lost an arm to it.

This is probably the most disgusting graphic novel I’ve ever read. It was directed by Takayuki Hirao while character designs were provided by Takuro Takahashi.

Despite his significant failings as a writer, he does have a strong understanding of sequential storytelling so Gyo, like all of his comics, is a quick and easy read. InformationGeek All reviews 70 people found this review junjj.