Production, partial optimization and characterization of keratinase enzyme by Arthrobacter sp. NFH5 isolated from soil samples. Keratinase is an inducible enzyme that is synthesized only when an inducer ( keratin) appears in the environment. Keratinase can be produced by many kinds of. The three Bacillus spp. produced extracellular keratinases and of feather or feather meal on the production of keratinolytic enzymes by three.

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Preparation of Inoculum Streptomyces sp.

Degradation of chicken feather a poultry waste product by keratinolytic bacteria isolated from dumping site at Ghazipur poultry processing plant. Potential keratinolytic isolates were reisolated as pure cultures and confirmed for keratinase production in basal medium and complete media [ 14 ].

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Enzymatic treatment is an alternative for improving the quality of wool fabrics [4, 5]. View at Google Scholar R. FK 28 isolated in Thailand. Isolation of three novel Antarctic psychrotolerant feather-degrading bacteria and partial purification of keratinolytic enzyme from Lysobacter sp. These dehairing chemicals contain a high amount of pollutants such as soda-lime, salts, chromate, sulphide, solvent flashy, emulsified fatty matter, waste lime liquor.


In the investigation, different inoculums volumes were tested for the production of keratihase. It also degrades insoluble proteins including feathers, wool, keratin, human hair, and nails.

Efficient Degradation of Feather by Keratinase Producing Bacillus sp.

The activity of keratinase enzyme was determined enzume carrying out the reaction. This yield was significantly higher than several of the keratinase producing bacterial species reported earlier but was comparable with Bacillus licheniformis PWD1 [ 1231 ].

Nova Science Publishers; Enzymographic analysis using keratin substrate Figure 5 demonstrated that the enzymatic extract obtained from the Bacillus was able to hydrolyze keratin.

Optimization of keratinase production by Actinomyces fradiae and its application in degradation of Keratin containing wastes. Jeevana Lakshmi et al.

Enzyme Research

Then the gels were decolorized with a methanol: All experiments were carried out five times. The molecular weight of keratinase that has been productjon and purified is quite different, ranging from dozens of kDa to several hundred kDa.

Applications In agriculture, keratinase produced by microorganisms can degrade keratin into polypeptides and amino acids, which can be used to make eznyme fertilizers. The isolated Arthrobacter sp. Prospects for inferring very large phylogenies by using the neighbor-joining method. Acta A, 53, Keratinase production from feathers wastes using some local Streptomyces isolates.

The clear zone forming produciton were selected as keratinase producer. Supplementation of soyabean meal was observed to enhance the production of the alkaline protease as well as keratinase in Bacillus sp.


Wool fibers are strongly hydrophobic due to the epicuticle and exocuticle layers of wool scales. Samples were applied to The organic fertilizer not only solves the problem of energy shortage, but also degrades the sources of pollution and greatly improves the environment.

Microbial Keratinase Production and Application to Improve the Properties of Wool Fabrics

Discussion The demand of keratinolytic proteases is still increasing due to its potential usage in different industries. Then the effects of different culture parameters were standardised.

They are especially known for the capability of producing a wide variety of enzymes, so the interest of researchers for investigating these organisms is increasing with a considerable rate. The time required for the water drop to disappear was measured and recorded as wetting time.

An optimization approach to scale up keratinase production by Streptomyces sp. Keratinase is an inducible enzyme that is synthesized only when an inducer keratin appears in the environment.