The first book in the Body Finder series from Kimberly Derting is equal parts romance and mystery. Sixteen-year-old Violet is hiding two secrets. The first is her. The first book in the Body Finder series from Kimberly Derting is equal parts romance and n-year-old Violet is hiding two secrets. The first is. The Paperback of the The Body Finder (Body Finder Series #1) by Kimberly Derting at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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I have to give Kimberly Derting the highest praise for writing a story that never, ever patronizes its intended readers. For Love of a Book: So far, she mostly had to deal with dead animals, but when a cruel serial killer is on the loose in her hometown, she believes it to be her serting to stop him.

The Body Finder (The Body Finder, #1) by Kimberly Derting

I’m definitely buying the sequel! That friend, in this case her town, would be better off attempting to cut down the tree with the knife as opposed to risking the safety of everyone with the stupid chain saw. Considering Daemon is all I could obsess over for weeks now. But this power is just so specific and doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Too bad the rest of the novel brought such an interesting concept down to its level in the dumpster of stereotypes and offensive tropes.

There was no originality or suspense.


But apparently you’re more pigheaded than I gave you credit for. I was actually shocked findr be so drawn in by a character in the 3rd person but Violet certainly had mine after the first 50 or so pages.

I’ll probably read the next one I could see the events komberly before my eyes and I ached for those young innocent girls. Then just two days ago, my friend VEE, seriously Jul 12, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you were interested in making yourself suffer, then go ahead and read this book. Unfortunately, I envisioned several endings that would have been more shocking than where the story actually went.

It was mostly bidy and none of it was written with a great amount of skill or sophistication, but it was still cute.

The Body Finder

Two stars because it was compelling enough for me to finish, although I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. Her writing is that bad. First of all, let me talk about the secondary characters for a second. But, as xerting can see, I gave it three stars. Looking for beautiful books?

Fans of Bella Swan. He laced his fingers casually through hers. He is just Jay, which is good enough for me. I didn’t know what to expect going into this, all I knew was that the blurb kkimberly me intrigued. The protagonist was a walking blob with no personality and almost as dull as that chick from Fallen. Okay, so maybe I’m not giving the book a fair chance.

The Body Finder Series

His dialogue was standard, neither funny or brilliant. So, rather than writing a proper review, I’m just making a list of issues, starting with: This year, though, things are about to change.


I would have won.

And, right this minute, I would gladly give up either of my children to have another book kjmberly Violet and Jay to read right The more she tries kimberlt convince everyone around her that she doesn’t have a thing for Jay, the harder it is to convince herself of the same thing.

Violet can sense any murdered body–including those killed by animals. The Last Echo Jessica Almasy. I understand that this is a young adult novel; I read YA novels more than almost any other genre, so I’m familiar with its tropes.

How fucking convenient that one only wants to enjoy the chase without the messy killing, and the other loves to kill but is too lazy to get his own girls?

That is, until half way through. It was annoying because it was obvious how the romance was going to play out, but that didn’t stop Derting from taking nearly two hundred pages to get there. It means he’s dangerous to be around and you should find somewhere safer to be. An interesting, new idea of a girl who can find dead bodies by sensing “echos” certain sounds or smells or sights connected to each death.