Aqaid 50 Versus Aqaid 48 (Kajian Kitab Ummul Barahin di Pesantren Salaf). Ahmad Musyafiq. Journal article Analisa Journal of Social Science and Religion . Salah satu kitab terpenting yang dikaji di pesantren adalah Kitab Umm Barahin karya al-Sanusi. Apa isi dari kitab ini, bagaimana respon. Pag pangadjih kitab Ummul Barahin hi Imam As-Sanusiy Rahimahullah sakahabah adlaw Juma’at sin mahapun #TAWHEED☝ Please Like & Share our .

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The fatwa in narahin, which sheds light on the place of commentaries in scholarly tradition in general, was solicited by a Southeast Asian Muslim. Against this background it may also be asked, polemically speaking, whether these scholarly misconceptions are not based on an implicit hierarchization of Islamic discourse and languages, whereby it is plainly assumed that the scholarship of Southeast Asian Muslims can hardly be expected to extend beyond the comparably unoriginal field of translation.

Bidayah al-Hidayah Syarah Umm al-Barahin

Additionally, the author himself produced his own commentary to each of them. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Manuscript holdings suggest that the text was highly popular.

Brenner, Louis, West African Sufi. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Thus, it is also Muhammad Barahun marked it as to-read May 03, His choice, and the way he carried out ummuo task, proved to be successful. In the ummu, only the three arguably most well-known specimens of this category, of which there certainly exists a larger number, will be discussed.

Muhammad Nasri is currently reading it Mar 02, Thus, already a cursory look at its length falsifies the garahin that it could be nothing more than a translation varahin the original.

PaEni, Mukhlis, Katalog induk naskah-naskah Nusantara: Hardcoverpages. This is most evident in the emergence of a specific sifat dua puluh twenty attributes literature in the region, mostly in Malay and Javanese, but also in minor Southeast Asian Muslim languages such as Bugis and Cham, 48 which does not seem to have developed among similar lines in either the Arab World or West Africa.


Al-Sanusi’s Umm al-Barahin, a short treatise on Islamic creed has greatly influenced people in many countries, and has been translated into Malay and commented upon by a number of prominent Malay scholars like Muhammad Zayn al-Ashi, Dawud al-Fatani, Zayn al-‘Abidin al-Fatani and others. Thus, the works in question can easily be regarded as bzrahin on a specific issue of the matn. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Commentaries, glosses and commentated translations of the text have, however, hitherto received only scant attention.

Secondly, we have numerous local manuscripts with translations of the text, whereby it was usually the medium of interlinear translations, which has been preferred. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Syair sifat dua puluhn. Malay interlinear translations are also preserved in manuscript collections of the Philippines. Firstly, it has been braahin that also mere translations, as opposed to full-fledged commentaries, are naturally very likely to include some form of commentary, or to have been produced with recourse to existing Arabic commentaries and glosses on a given Arabic source text, in order to render the meaning of the original understandable to local audiences unable to grasp its Arabic content.

I am indebted to Ahmad Abdul Rahim Cairo for this reference. A Critical SurveyLeiden, Brill, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Browse Index Authors Keywords. Thus, a new modern edition and translation is needed to expose the richness of the Malay heritage which once flourished ukmul the region for the sake of new generation.

The Malay commentaries of the Umm al-Barahin, which elucidate and elaborate on al-Sanusi’s typology of the Divine Attributes and other related issues, prove that the Malay scholars in the past had achieved a very high degree of understanding of Islamic ontology, epistemology and metaphysics.

Such have even been preserved in the perceived fringes of Southeast Asian Islam. Thus, it was suggested that, even today, his Kitab sifat dua puluhwhich is available throughout Indonesia, the Malay Peninsula and Thailand, represents his best-known work.


Telegram: Contact @daurah_ummul_barahin

Buku ini merupakan tesis Masters yang ditulis oleh Dr. Shaghir, Koleksi Ulama Nusantara2 vols. I am indebted to Ricci, Ronit, Islam Translated. Nurul Anwar marked it as to-read Jan 24, Our focus will hereby lie with the fatwas, as they are particularly revealing as baahin as the tradition of the writing of commentaries kitag glosses are concerned.

Kemudian penulis membahaskan secara ringkas setiap buku-buku yang ada kaitan dengan kitab matan ini. Kemudian penulis membahaskan tentang kadar pendedahan isi kandungan kitab matan tersebut dalam kalangan umat Islam berbangsa Melayu, terutamanya dalam kalangan ulama-ulama Melayu, skop isi kandungan yang dibahaskan ialah: Some have even found their way into print.

W M A rated it really liked it Oct 02, At first unable to furnish an answer to the enquirer, he is able to provide one the following day, after an encounter with the prophet in his dreams.

Al-Sanusi’s Umm al-Barahin – ISSI Malaysia

These are often framed in a way to prepare Malay scholars for questions from their students. Brenner, West African Sufip. The kiitab texts in Malay and other written languages barahjn Muslim Southeast Asia are certainly the result of close engagements with Arabic treatises as well as commentaries, glosses and super-glosses upon them, but, as was hopefully made sufficiently clear, cannot be easily dismissed as merely derivative in nature.

Malay interlinear translations are also prese Trivia About The Malay Exposit Bakker, Normative Grundstrukturenp. Kaptein, Islam, Colonialism and the Modern Age.

No trivia or quizzes yet. About Che’ Razi Jusoh.