: U3-HV: Electronics. The free software that comes with this LabJACK U3 box also allows you to stream record data to your hard drive which is. A versatile low-cost USB multifunction data acquisition and control device. Has flexible inputs which can be configured for any mix and analogue inputs, and. The LabJack data acquisition modules are flexible I/O modules for getting signals in to and out from your computer. The family features wide software support.

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Every LabJack is backed by our free Legendary Support, for life.

Skip to main content. Software Lzbjack Graphical applications for device configuration or basic data collection: Whenever possible, items which are in stock are dispatched the same day, or the next working day.

LabJack U3-HV – USB Multifunction Data Acquisition Unit – 10V Input Range

Shopping cart Your shopping cart is empty. Each digital line can be individually configured as input, output-high, or output-low.

Doing so converts these pages to a PDF on-the-fly, using the latest content, and can take seconds. I would like to have “next I would like to have “next topic” or “next section” and “previous topic” links at the bottom of each page.

Which can then connect to other LIN devices. We are not sure how you wire the differential signals, do you use the signal ground for the negative leg or and adjacent port?. You will earn 96 Robo Points for buying this product. I think the different process have different memory mapping, so the labjack HBA handler address in process 1 is not valid in porcess 2.

The U3 does not have any sort of patch through options. These ticks are commonly used as an excitation Once a month is the limit for these emails, but typical frequency is much less than that.


Retail packing Package size: LabJack provides drivers for the three major operating systems and examples for most common programming languages. If your browser times-out too quick you can get an error from your browser. Login or create an account to earn Robo Points for sharing! You should be able to find it in the Start Menu links. An efficient way to navigate this online document is to use the Table of Contents button to the left.

The range of single-ended low-voltage analogue inputs on the U3-HV is typically Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. We want to monitor two differential lines: Products Data Acquisition and Control.

For more information see the U3 software options page. The PDF has badly-converted tables in the specification section. You can also use the “Print all” link if you want to print a copy.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser labjakc utilize the functionality of this website. If you are looking at a PDF, hardcopy, or other downloaded offline version of this document, realize that it is possibly out-of-date since lbajack original is an online document. Each analogue output can be set to a voltage between 0 and 5 volts with bits of resolution. For data rate kabjack see Section 3. I don’t understand I don’t understand “e verything after section 2.

Displays labjsck channels on a graph and writes data to file. Shopping cart Your shopping cart is empty. It would be most helpful if It would be most helpful u3-v this user guide could be expanded to describe installation and use with Mac OS X and Linux. It also has two bit analog outputs, up to 2 counters, and up to 2 timers. This is much faster because it does not convert to PDF. Hardware timed input streaming has a maximum rate that varies with resolution from 2.


Single-ended measurements can be taken of any line compared to ground, or differential measurements can be taken of any line to any other line. There is a function in the There is a function in the driver void Close which will free all resources in the driver and return it to its initialization state.

Sign up for sneak peaks and sales! The first 16 digital inputs can also be read in a hardware timed input stream where all 16 inputs count as a single stream channel.

U3 Datasheet

What can I try? Thank you very much in advance. LJM Modbus Map – Use this tool to discover device features and while developing software to double check register types, names, and functionality. U3-jv power and communication is handled by the USB interface.

There is a function in the driver void Close which will free all resources in the driver and return it to its initialization state. Everything after section 2.

It is easy to collect input data, convert to engineering units, display it, and log it to file, without any programming. The U3 is the most economical member of the family but it’s packed with features. How do I write to internal flash?

LabJack U3-HV USB Data Acquisition Module

In addition, up to 2 of these lines can be configured as timers, and up to 2 of these lines can be configured as counters.

Modbus Weather Station Kits.

For valid measurements, the voltage on every analog input pin, with respect to ground, labjxck be within If you know any language we probably support it. There should Good comment.