1. In July , “Housing – Fire Safety: Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing” was published by LACORS in partnership with the. HMO – Lacors fire safety HMO – Lacors fire safety · Printer-friendly version. Related Pages. Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO). Melton Borough Council download – LACORS National fire safety guidance for rented properties | Benefits | Advice for landlords.

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In reaching this conclusion neither the respondent nor the RPT applied the seven criteria that are set out in paragraph Your email address will not be published. In determining whether the escape window was an acceptable alternative where there is an inner room situation, the Tribunal commented at paragraph Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Various recommendations were listed in order to remedy the deficiencies as well as a further improvement notice. In my opinion the application of those criteria is a material consideration when deciding whether or not a window is a satisfactory means of escape in an emergency.

This is a useful case which clarifies the position that not only is the statutory guidance to be used as required by section 9 Housing Act but also the fire safety guidance produced by LACORS as it was then called, now Local Government Regulation should be used where the hazard being assessed is that of fire.


If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The property is a one bedroom, first floor flat immediately to the right as you come onto the first floor landing area.

LACORS Fire Safety Guidance to be Used in HHSRS Assessments | GRL Landlord Association

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Guild subscribers can get discounted landlords buildings insurance especially designed for landlords. Country This article applies to England and Wales. Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

LACORS National fire safety guidance for rented properties | Melton Borough Council

This layout is completely unacceptable as the tenant has no sfety of escape if a fire were to start within either the kitchen or living room. The landlord appealed the prohibition order to the Upper Tribunal, the main ground of appeal was again that there was an adequate fire escape route, via either one of two windows, from the bedroom in the flat. Login Join Access Problems 0 Items.

The tenant is forced to guidnce portable electric heaters as there is no heating within the flat and this eafety increases the risk of a fire starting. A combination of the fact that the flat had building regulation approval, a number of changes to the layout had been made, additional fire detection and adequate escape windows, all complying with the fire safety guidance were in place meant that the landlord was successful and the appeal was allowed.


Once in the living room you then go through the kitchen and then into the bedroom at the rear of the flat. When entering the flat you come into the living room.

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The landlord appealed both notices to the Residential Property Tribunal who confirmed both notices. The guidance considers inner rooms rooms where an escape is only possible through another room such as in this case and also escape windows which laors flat had.