Psychological Warfare (WWII Era Reprint) [Paul M. A. Linebarger] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Psychological Warfare was first. Cordwainer Smith was the pen-name used by American author Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger (July 11, – August 6, ) for his science fiction works . Linebarger was a noted East Asia scholar and expert in psychological warfare. By PAUL M. A. LINEBARGER. (Washing- ton: Combat Forces Press, Second Edition. $) Psychological warfare means “the use of propaganda against.

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Jun 23, Tadas Talaikis rated it it was ok. InLinebarger married again to Genevieve Collins; they had no children. Pretty bad, moans about communism and psycholpgical and wins of American empire here’s where world’s policing ideology starts?

As a result of those connections, Linebarger’s godfather was Sun Yat-senconsidered the father of Chinese nationalism. Examples are drawn from military history, with an emphasis on tactics by both the Allies and Psychological Warfare was first published inand it became the authoritative text on the subject for decades.

He says the methods spread rapidly to the Chinese on one hand, psychologgical the Nazis on the other; he considers Nazism to be in essence a clone of Bolshevism, with little more than the labels changed. For years, Linebarger had a pocket notebook which he had filled with ideas about The Instrumentality and additional stories in the series. Smith’s next story did not appear for several years, but readers began recognizing the name on stories and novelettes, often published through Galaxy Science Fiction.

Read this A virtually taboo subject in a country that prides itself on freedoms of all sorts, yet one with which Americans would do well to better acquaint themselves. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Jordan argued for the importance of Anglicanism to Smith’s works back to Linebarger who was one of the world’s experts on understanding the relationship of culture to propaganda, covers in detail the history, function and definition of psychological warfare.

The Game of Nations. From toLinebarger held a faculty appointment at Duke Universitywhere he began producing highly regarded works on Far Eastern affairs.


But while in a small boat in a lake or bay in the mid 60s, he leaned over the side, and his notebook fell out of his breast pocket into the water, where it was lost forever.

Psychological Warfare (WWII Era Reprint)

Pierre Gilly rated it it was ok Sep 11, While he was known to call himself a “visitor to small wars”, he refrained from becoming involved in the Vietnam Warbut is known to have done work for the Central Intelligence Agency. It was selected as one of the best science fiction short stories of the pre- Nebula Award period by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

When creating loyalty, optimism and resolve, he considers that the basic techniques were developed by Lenin and Trotsky, who showed how a small, well-organised and inspired group awrfare be built up to the point where it was able to control a population several hundred warfae its size.

I’m amazed everyday by what I find at the Brary. Smith’s stories are unusual, sometimes being written in narrative styles closer to traditional Chinese stories than to most English-language fiction, as well as reminiscent of the Genji tales of Lady Murasaki. Smith’s stories describe a long future history of Earth.

Since Gateways has offered books on consciousness, metaphysics, self-transformation, inner work, the fourth way, transpersonal psychology, spiritual gaming, Judaica, and Afterlife Adventures. By the end of the war, he had risen to the rank of major. As I said, one thinks of Another story claims that he accidentally left the notebook in a restaurant in Rhodes in Auz rated it liked it Jun 10, The book has 79 illustrations of leaflets and pamphlets with information regarding the type of propaganda it is was, how it was used and its effect.

He was particularly active in South-East Asia, where his conne Paul Linebarger, better known as the science-fiction writer Cordwainer Smith, was one of America’s leading experts on psychological warfare. But it’s also extremely pertinent to our current political situation in more ways than I can count, not merely because it is written from a perspective set early in the Cold War and puts considerable time into analyzing both Russian and Chinese propaganda, as well as American constraints and weaknesses in the area.


This really is ‘ The Book ‘ early mention of ‘ the psychic landscape ‘ in here too. Just for this one I add 1 point.

Psychological Warfare by Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger – Free Ebook

It is as useful today toward understanding the political ‘spin’ machines as it was in planning some of the most successful psychological warfare campaigns of the last forty years. As a result of living in France and Germany during his youth Linebarger lineabrger familiar with six languages by adulthood.

Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People. Smith’s works consist of: The Instrumentality attempts to revive old cultures and languages in a process known as the Rediscovery of Man. Views Read Edit View psychologidal.

It appears to have been put together quickly, and it’s an unpolished mess, full of sloppy language, repetitions, non sequiturs and irrelevant asides. This section does not cite any sources.

He played an important part in World War II, operating entirely behind the scenes but planning a substantial portion of the US’s efforts in this sphere. By the end of the war, he had risen to the rank of major.

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And even though it could hardly be called famous – I see to my surprise that I’m the first person to review it on Goodreads – I suspect it’s had rather more influence than one might at first think.

Retrieved 22 June earfare At the age of 23, he received a Ph. Elms, [8] this speculation first reached print in Brian Aldiss ‘s history of science fiction, Billion Year Spree ; Aldiss, in turn, claimed to have gotten the information from Leon Lijebarger. Published October 15th by Coachwhip Publications first published He was particularly active in South-East Asia, where his connections were little short of miraculous: His widow, Genevieve Collins Linebarger, was interred with him on November 16,