I don’t understand the interview at all:) what does it say? Any news about the Mini drive? PS Where is the photo taken, Sardinia? ReplyDelete. Jorge Lorenzo · Kajetan Kajetanowicz · Lamborghini · Lotus Renault F1 Team · Magazyn WRC · McKlein · McLaren F1 Team · Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team . Safe stages: ORLEN 74th Rally Poland and Magazyn Rajdowy WRC joint action. There are only a few days left before the start of the ORLEN.

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Most of the final preparations magazy made one day before the start of the special stage — mounting of tapes, barriers, and the signage. For WRC Cars, the four tyres used during the shakedown must be from the same compound, as defined by the tyre suppliers.

Traffic jams may appear. The main amendments are as follows: Private teams or individual drivers will be permitted to enter specification World Rally Cars on WRC events, without the obligation to be entered by a manufacturer. Gryazin in pole position with sensational ERC victory. If a driver is shown in the Power Stage classification but is not classified in the Final Classification, the Stewards will decide whether the next competitor should be moved up in the Power Stage classification for the attribution of Power Stage points.

Gryazin in pole position with sensational ERC victory.


They will start the stage 15 minutes before the first rally crew and will be going with the high, rally speed. Fans receive a set of information, photos and maps, thanks to which they can plan their stay on the rally in advance. Compared to last year, the number of fan zones has nearly doubled.

Magayzn time schedule is a crucial document while choosing the most interesting spots.

Fans who are going to visit ORLEN 74 th Rally Poland get to know exact special stages maps, as well as the location of all 73 fan zones more than a month before the rally. Drivers and their teams are testing to be ready for the kick-off of the 8 th round of the FIA World Rally Championship.


These drivers are not permitted to test outside Europe, bringing them into line with the restrictions placed on the other P1 teams. It mostly comes to the fans, their behavior, and places, where they stand. WRC — Breaking News. Most wrrc news on fiaerc. WRC – Summary of regulation changes for Most recent news on fiaerc.

Organisers have also reached agreements with landlords of the terrains used for fan zones. Dedicated testing regulations for P1 magazhn entered with a WRC Car but who are not nominated to score points for a manufacturer have been introduced.

All that material will be available on the rally website www.

These cars will stop, when the tapes or barriers will be placed incorrectly. Now, according to the current FIA recommendations, there will be a fast civilian car with the experienced crew using the safety plan and checking once more if everything is ready for the special stage start. How to watch a rally? PZM 75th Rally Poland. Each edition of Rally Poland always attracts more thanfans, which creates heavy traffic on narrow, local roads. Safety men will work on each of them to provide you help and be at your disposal from Conditions provided by the organiser encourage people to choose less fan zones per day.

More over, each fan zone has been described, photographed and filmed from the air to make the choice easier for fans. Certainly, their crews will also intervene, when they feel that fans are standing in the dangerous places.

Each of them will include rally representatives responsible for safety and organization of the stages. The rally takes place to a detailed itinerary and hardly ever – only in unusual cases – is delayed.

Last year the three zero vehicle was a rally car with the crew in the overalls and helmets, driving through the stage with the rally speed. Skip to main content. Special stage roads are closed for traffic three hours before the start of the first crew, but that does not mean, we will not see any vehicles before the rally cars.


Before the first car will come. Rally fan zones have been located in places that can provide maximum safety. However there will no longer be mandatory rallies. Home WRC – Summary of regulation changes for A narrow circle of photographers, who attend all World Rally Championship events, can be a perfect example for supporters.

Tyres used during the shakedown will not count in the overall quantity for the rally. The last two safety cars designated to alert the fans, that there are works Fiesta, Hyundai, Toyota and Citroen cars coming will be two vehicles marked as 0B and 0A. Skip to main content. They too choose only a few places – most commonly two or three most interesting spots – just to avoid a risky chase around the stages.

WRC Behind The Stages: WRC MAGAZYN RAJDOWY interview

That is the time, when all the security issues and staff have to be fully ready. The main amendments are as follows:. They do work for us. When the fan zones will begin to be filled with the spectators, everything has to be ready. Fans are analyzing the special stage maps to choose the mahazyn attractive spots, where they will admire the biggest names in rallying.

Before the first car will come | 75 Rajd Polski – Rally Poland

P1 status will be given to all drivers entered with WRC Cars. Organisers do their best to allow fans to enjoy rallies without the wrcc to cover hundreds of kilometres. During this time, supporters often cover large distances looking for the most interesting viewing spots on the special stages.