Owner’s manual for the Pentax Spotmatic SP model 35mm SLR camera When the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic was introduced to the public at the Photokina. Distributed by Page 2. Distributed by . Page 3. Distributed by Page 4. Distributed by WWW. The Pentax Spotmatic refers to a family of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras manufactured by Asahi Optical used the name Takumar for their lenses. . Pentax Spotmatic, Takumar Info, Manuals and Photos ยท Spotmatic Family of Cameras.

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Pentax Spotmatic | Camerapedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I thought I had a corroded battery in my Spotmatic SP since I started to strip the nickel-sized slot when I tried unscrewing the cap with said nickel. The camera was one of the first commercially available 35mm SLRs to include through-the-lens metering.

In the Spotmatic F joined the line. This camera is powered by one 4SR44 6. It can be set up in seconds, and when disassembled, fits neatly into a pouch-type case which occupies very little space. I have found that the ones with the all metal compartment will almost always require an o-ring to prevent a short with smaller silver oxide batteries.

The system became the workhorse of many professionals of the period. Now, let’s compare it to a digital meter.

As it was going to be my last attempt, i’m overjoyed it worked. I apologize for asking this question again, but I went through this thread penfax am feeling a little lost between the different types of spotmatics.


I am off to get myself a battery: The camera name is derived from the use of spot metering on the original design of the camera.

I use the Energizer in my two Spotmatics, you just need to get a small rubber o-ring to keep it centered, and it works just fine. If you wish to visually check exact depth-of-field before making the exposure, move the preview lever to “M” Manual position. Use the film type dial to show what type of film is in your camera. When the needle rests at the center, you will get correct exposure, If the needle does not come to the center no matter how far you turn the diaphragm ring, change the shutter speed.

Pentax Spotmatic

The meter seems to asaahi fine: Spotmtaic the manual says see that link of mine: The Pentax Spotmatic refers to a family of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras manufactured by the Asahi Optical Co.

Four years of extensive research, exhaustive experiments and intensive testing followed before it became available to serious amateur and professional photographers in late Weight grams 1 lb. Type 35mm single-lens reflex with built-in light meter. Media related to Pentax Spotmatic at Wikimedia Commons. The Copipod consists of a lens board complete with adapter rings for 46mm and 49mm sizes, and four calibrated telescoping legs.


It was the first version to offer open-aperture metering, but this needed the updated Super-Multi-Coated S-M-C Takumar lenses with an aperture-position linkage to the camera.

The table below shows which flash contact, which shutter speed and which flash bulb may be combined for maximum lamp efficiency. Gives it a more film-ish look. I was given a Spotmatic SP and several lenses!

Complete with filters, slide holders, lens cap and dust cover. Ok great thank you! Be sure to set your film speed on the shutter speed dial because the dial is connected to the exposure meter system. Kitt Foo 7 asani ago.

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F instruction manual, user manual, free PDF manual, camera manual

However, I have discovered that you could easily use a 1. Sure, film such as Nanual shouldn’t suffer from underexposure, but I came to like the film overexposed during exposure and pulled when scanning. The camera should get a thorough overhaul before you run much more film through it. Primarily for use with Leica lens mount enlargers. Some spotmatic models have plastic inside the battery compartment while others are all metal.