Jan 5, Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von Audioline DECT Trio-Set Drahtloses DECT Telefon (Seite 60 von ) (Deutsch. Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von Audioline DECT Drahtloses DECT Telefon (Seite 9 von 12) (Deutsch, DECT BASE STATION. On this page you find the Audioline DECT B manual. Please If you have any questions about your Dect / voip phone that are not Bedienungsanleitung.

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Voll Halb Voll Entladen. Connect the telephone cable to the phone socket intended for the purpose only.

AUDIOLINE DECT PLUS Mobile phone download manual for free now – 3D |

Wird eine bereits gespeicherte Rufnummer noch einmal eingeben, erklingt ein langer Signalton und es erfolgt keine Speicherung. Alle Audooline werden direkt zum Anrufbeantworter weitergeleitet. You are making an external call. In this way, two handsets can talk to the external caller simultaneously.

Your telephone has three signal tones that can be turned on or off. Your telephone has three signal tones that can be turned on or off.

When changing batteries, always use standard batteries, Type AAA 1. Aufladen Der Standard-akkus Switching off the ring tone button for 2 seconds. Do not change the plug on the connecting cable. audiolne


These could possibly cause a short circuit. The conference is ended by one of the internal participants hanging up. Das Sondertelefonbuch dient zur Speicherung wichtiger Rufnummern, von z. Enter the current SOS code factory setting 1 1 1. All calls are stored in a caller list so that you will not miss any calls even in your absence.

The call duration will aydioline be retained in the display for a few seconds after bedienungeanleitung call has been ended.

AUDIOLINE DECT 4800 Trio-Set Operating Instructions Manual

Then press the button and the internal number of the second handset required. You are making a call.

Entering numbers and names in the phone book Button Display Comment Your telephone has three signal tones that can be turned on or off. Nachdem Sie die Aufnahme beendet haben, wird Ihre Ansage noch einmal abgespielt. Sobald Sie das Mobilteil wieder auf die Basisstation stellen, schaltet sich dieser automatisch ein. Press the button and the last phone number dialled will be shown in the zudioline. All calls are forwarded directly to the answering machine. Remember that the settings will only work if your telephone connection has caller display CLID and the caller transmits his phone number.

Page 5 – Inhaltsverzeichnis – Die Fernabfrage Each time a button on the handset is pressed, this is confirmed with a short signal tone.

  AR 415-15 PDF

In accordance with these conditions, all claims under the warranty shall be made exclusively to your dealer. Select the base station on the number pad.

Taste drct bis 9 Telefonbuch Es wird der erste Telefonbucheintrag angezeigt. Cordless digital dect telephone with answering machine pages. Stromausfall – Bei einem eventuellen Stromausfall kann mit dem Telefon nicht telefoniert werden.

You will find more information on caller display in Chapter 6. Your telephone works using Touch-Tone Dialling.


Changing Display Names If a call is received during the storing process, entry of the number is interrupted and will have to be repeated. Insert the plug of the power supply into the socket on the rear of the base station and plug the power supply into a properly installed V mains socket.

R” Button On Private Exchanges Die Werkseinstellungen werden eingestellt. Listening To Recorded Messages If you want to delete the redial number, press the and hold the button and press button until you hear a signal tone.