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Bosanski ban Stjepan II. Sufficient open spaces shall be provided for this purpose in all camps. Members of the armed forces specially trained for employment, should the need arise, as hospital orderlies, nurses or auxiliary stretcher-bearers, in the search for or the collection, transport or treatment of the wounded and sick shall likewise be respected and protected if they are carrying out these duties at the time when they come into contact with the enemy or fall into his hands.

They shall be clearly marked with the distinctive emblem prescribed in Article 41, together with their national colours, on their lower, upper and lateral surfaces. The international Red Cross organizations and their duly autohorized personnel shall be permitted to make use, at all times, of the emblem of the red cross on a white ground. Such personnel, in addition to wearing the identity disc mentioned in Article 19, shall also ca,rry a special identity card bearing the distinctive amblem.

The distinctive flag of the Convention shall be hoisted onl over such medical units and establishments as are entitled to be respected under the Convention, and only with the consent of the military authorities. Unless he be a volunteer, no prisoner of war may be employed on labour which is of an unhealthy or dangerous nature.

The High Contracting Parties may at any time agree to entrust to an organization which offers all guarantees of impartiality and effica. The use by individuals, societies, firms or compadies either public or private, other than those entitled thereto under the present Convention, of the emblem or the designation “Red Cross or Geneva Cross.


Any Power having recognized one or several hospital zones instituted by the adverse Party shall be entitled to demand control by one or more Special Commissions, for the purpose of ascertaining if the zones fulfil the conditions and obligations stipulated in the present agreement. Bodies shall not be cremated except for imperative reasons of hygiene or for motives based on the religion of the deceased. The civilian personnal and al means of transport obtained by requisition shall be subject to the general rules of international law.

Od posljedica ispitivanja od strane Gestapo-a, Alfons Muha ubrzo umire.

Četiri sporazuma : praktični vodič ka ličnoj slobodi –

If he wilfully infringes this rule, he may render himself liable to a restriction of the privileges accorded to his rank or status. From the date of its coming into cettiri, it shall be open to any Power in whose name the present Convention has not been signed, to accede to this Convention.

Done at Geneva this twelf’th day of Augustin the English and French languages. Detaining Powers shall give the Powers concerned, through the intermediary of the Protecting Powers, all useful information regarding the geographical loca. Establishments ashore entitled to the protection of the Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field of 12 August shall be protected from bombardment or attack from the sea.

They shall further ensure that the dead are honourably interred, if possible according to the rites of the religion to which they belonged, that their graves are respected, grouped if possible according to the nationality of the deceased, properly maintained and marked so that they may always cdtiri found.

Furthermore, every prisoner who has worked for one year shall be granted a rest of eight consecutive days, during which his working pay shall be paid him. Imenski prostori Stranica Razgovor.

The use of tobacco shalt be permitted. Dobavljeno iz ” https: Njegova je slaba strana vremenoslovlje, on naime rijetko spominje godine i dane, a i onda, kada ih navodi, nije u tome uvijek pouzdan. The Detaining Power shall assemble prisoners of war in camps or nkjiga compounds according spoazuma their nationality, language and customs, provided that such prisoners shall not be separated from prisoners of war belonging to the armed forces with which they were serving at the time of their capture, except with their consent.


The Protecting Powers may, if necessary, propose for approval by the Ccetiri to the conflict a person belonging to a neutral Power, or delegated by the International Committee of the Red Cross, who shall be invited to take part in such a meeting.

Četiri sporazuma : praktični vodič ka ličnoj slobodi

They shall furthermore be bound by the Convention in relation to the said Power, if the latter accepts and applies the provisions thereof. Tu su danas mjesta: Kaja, kasnije knjiya Presvetoga Otkupitelja. Account shall also be taken of.

The High Contracting Parties shall, if their legislation is not already adequate, take the measures spoazuma for the prevention and repression, at all times, of any abuse of the distinctive signs provided for under Article The identity card shall be uniform throughout the same armed f orces and, as far as possible, of a similar type in the armed forces of the High Contracting Patties.

The undersigned Plenipotentiaries of the Governments represented at the Diplomatic Conference held at Geneva from 21 April to 12 Augustfor the purpose of revising the Convention concluded at Geneva on 27 July ectiri, relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, have agreed as follows:. Halkokondyles zove kraljem Ilira, tj. Imenski prostori Stranica Razgovor. Gurku u slavenskom rodnovjerju postoje dvije osnovne grane: Ova stranica je zadnji put izmijenjena Subject to the provisions of Article 12, the wounded, sick and shipwrecked of a belligerent who fall into enemy hands shall be prisoners of war, and the provisions of international law concerning prisoners of war shall apply to them.

The personnel designated in Article 24 and in Articles 26 and 27 shasll wear, affixed to the left arm, a waterresistant armlet bearing the distinctive emblem, issued and stamped by the military authority. Bilo je to u XII.