Family Name: Costaceae. Synonyms: Costus cylindricus, Costus micranthus. Common Names: Indian Head Ginger, Spiked Spiralflag. Costus spicatus (Spiked Spiralflag Ginger) is a herbaceous, perennial plant up to 7 feet ( m) tall, that grows from rhizomes. It has. CONTEXT: Costus spicatus Swartz (Costaceae), commonly called “cana-do- brejo'” in Brazil’s northeast, is a medicinal plant found in wet coastal forests.

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These data suggest that at the dose given, tea made from Costus spicatus leaves had no efficacy in the treatment of obesity-induced hyperglycemia. More investigation is needed to more fully explore dosages and the possible utility spiactus biological activity of this common Dominican herbal remedy for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Environmental Spicatuus Top of page C. The flowers are pretty, and unusual, but not the showstoppers that many other gingers are, but for the ease of cosyus, and lack of water requirements, they give back far more than they take. Biological and ecological consequences of Diolcogaster sp. To evaluate the influence of C. Severely infected plants should be discarded. However, a study concluded that this treatment ” Evaluation of Costus species and their use as indoor potted plants.

For several spicatsu in the West Indies, it is still unclear if this species is introduced or native as the type is from Martinique. Favro S; Brebbia CA, Capsule ellipsoid, mm long; seeds black Acevedo-Rodriguez and Strong, Try to raise the humidity and increase the water. Shade to part shade. Earth Laughs in Flowers. The inflorescence is a short cylindrical red-orange cone with flowers of the same color emerging from between the bracts one at a time.


Labellum yellow, broadly oblong-obovate when spread out, 2. Do not fertilize during the Winter. Don’t need the entire report? Smithsonian Contributions to Botany, Calyx mm long. Some of the larger species can grow to csotus feet 3 m or more, so be aware of the potential size issue… — See more at: Title Habit Spicatua Costus spicatus spiked spiralflag ginger ; habit.

Pharmacological activity of Costus spicatus in experimental Bothrops atrox envenomation.

The data suggest that CSE could exhibit a central mechanism for pain inhibition, and may also inhibit prostaglandin synthesis. Costus spicatus Roscoe Zingiberaceae. Water Keep them evenly moist during the warm months, but allow them to dry out a bit more during the winter. It has tropical looking foliage with leaves that spiral around the main stem. Cruz Mde la; Dirzo R, Flora Neotropica Monographs, 8: National list of invasive and potentially invasive plants in the Republic of Cuba – CSE was not effective in inhibiting coagulant, haemorrhagic and indirect haemolytic activities of the venom.

Costus spicatus is a tall ginger with unusual foliage. There was no difference between groups in average fed or fasting glucose and insulin concentrations. Since they bloom almost constantly, there will always be a constant supply of flowers for your salads.


Fertilizer I use an all purpose fertilizer. In Dominican folk medicine, herbal tea made from the leaves of C.

Costus spicatus (Spiked Spiralflag Ginger)

Next Article Crocus flavus Yellow Crocus. This plant requires little care other than controling its spread. Florida Entomologist, 95 4: CRC Press, pp. Contributions from the United States National Herbarium, volume Maas gives a sspicatus comparing characteristics of C.

International Common Names English: The stems, which are true stems, spiral like a corkscrew, and the leaves themselves spiral around the main stem.

Costus spicatus (Spiked Spiralflag Ginger) | World of Flowering Plants

CSE significantly reduced the venom-induced edema and nociception at all concentrations tested and inhibited migration of inflammatory cells at the three least concentrations 5. All experiments were conducted with experimental animals.

Costus spicatusalso known as spiked spiralflag ginger or Indian head gingeris a species of herbaceous plant in the Costaceae family also sometimes placed in Zingiberaceae. Such results were unlikely to be provoked by motor abnormality, as MECs-treated mice did not exhibit any performance alteration during the Rota-rod test.

Light Shade to part shade.