A sequel to Making of a Mage, Elminster in Myth Drannor takes place shortly afterwards. In this novel, Elminster. Main article: Elminster in Myth Drannor Elminster follows the edict of Mystra to enter the forest of Cormanthor. Compre o livro ELMINSTER IN MYTH DRANNOR na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados.

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Feb 02, Billy Rodriguez rated it liked it Shelves: He speaks in a gruff tone and generally wears nondescript attire. Be the first to ask a question about Elminster in Myth Drannor. Might have elmonster a better story with the editor telling him Ed Greenwood has some very awkward ways of writing lust and romance into things. The book also jumps some two decades between two chapters and for no real reason.

Read to the end, and you’ll even find out where the name originates. Show More Show Less.

Forgotten Realms Novel: Elminster in Myth Drannor by Ed Greenwood (1998, Hardcover)

Other books in the series. I thought it was going to be about Elminster and his adventures in Myth Drannor. Elminster breaks free of the balor’s whip and battles him only to be swept into the Abyss as the party defeats Bane’s minions.

Salvatore’s writing is more masterful and he crafts much better characters and stories than Greenwood. Subscription required using via Pages containing links to subscription-only content Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from October All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction Articles lacking in-text citations from February All articles lacking in-text citations Articles with multiple maintenance issues.

Things happen around him and he has very little to do with anything.


Elminster in Myth Drannor

Not to worry, Mystra will save the day. May 13, Adam Barnes rated it it was amazing. It is also suspected myfh he had something to do with the founding of Waterdeep, or at least with the organizing of the city’s lords.

The Mythal wasn’t laid until the very end of the book, and there are no adventures of his in the book. I remember enjoying them. Murder, mystery, adventure, and meddling gods, as Mystra is the one to tell Elminster to go to Cormanthor and learn what he can of magic from the elves.

There is plenty of magic, intrigue, and pathos to keep the reader coming back. Elminster realized that the only way to close the portal before a legion of devils spilled forth onto Toril was to close it from the other side. Doing so takes Elminster elinster Cormanthor, where the king grants Elminster the title of Armathor, a knight of Cormanthor.

Just hamfisted and kind of creepy. Perhaps if I read it again, I’d feel less like the ending was rushed.

Elminster in Myth Drannor by Ed Greenwood

With the present crisis averted, all seemed calm, but the Shadowmasters had other ideas. In the time that followed, Elminster learned much about magic from Myrjala, reaching the point where he could finish taking his revenge against the evil magelords who had usurped the kingdom. Fed up with the rule and power of arrogant mages, Elminster sneaks into a temple of Mystra with the intent of defacing it, leading to a face-to-face confrontation with the goddess.

I started the 3rd book with the hope of returning to the much better writting style of the 1st book. He has people who think its a good idea and people who think it sucks.

ELMINSTER IN MYTH DRANNOR – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

He paints an jn vivid word-picture elminstee spell-battles and spellcasting. He can, however, be imperious, grave, and terrible. While I enjoyed the book and the story, I think it could have been handled in an over Elminster in Myth Drannor is a story about a developing, somewhat naive but powerful mage that is sent to Cormanthor to aid the city in some manner deemed necessary by his god, Mystra.


Languages Italiano Edit links. This novel views the long-term effect of Elminster’s meddling on the nation of Cormyr, which Elminster played no small part in creating myty protecting, through the lens of his daughter, Narnra, a thief from Waterdeep.

His family was killed by a malaugrym posing as Undarl, one of the magelords of the ancient kingdom of Athalantar. This was a big thing for rrannor, since the whole reason I’m reading all these old books is so I feel like there is nothing that Srannor missed.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: Wizards and warriors alike threaten their civilization in vain, arrogant, and ignorant quests for glory.

I will say, on its behalf, that there was more of the history of forgotten realms in this book than in any I don’t remember a lot about this book Laeral, Storm, and Dove. The insight into the inner workings of the elven community was fascinating. Much improved from the first book though there was a lot of writing that bewildered me.

Another aspect of the book was the fact that he was pretty much superior in all ways.