DEGRADACIÓN POR EROSIÓN HÍDRICA Erosión Hídrica ¿QUE ES? Bibliografía %C3%B3n_h%C3%. EROSION “Erosion es un proceso de movilización y transporte de partículas por agentes erosivos.” Ellison, Agentes erosivos Impacto de gotas de lluvia. La erosion hidrica de los suelos. Causas y remedios. D’Onofrio, G. Lietaert, F. Perez, C. FAO, Rome (Italy). Direccion de Fomento de Tierras y AguasMinisterio .

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Climate is about times more erosive in New Orleans than in Las Vegas. The information and strategy developed could help create new forecasts of soil erosion and guide public policies that protect freshwater quality and soil conservation.

The rainfall erosivity factor information was incorporated into the GIS by creating a raster file hidriica the isoerodents of Uruguay Puentes and Szogi, and the R-factor used by Erosion 6.

Erosión hídrica del suelo estimada para 99 cuencas uruguayas

Watersheds are denoted by blue polygons with black borders and departments are delineated by red lines. In scenario 2, however, the strategy pine and eucalyptus forest requires only 8 yr, but causes important disruptions to the harmony of the ecosystem.

Steep and long slopes produce more erosion than do short and flat slopes. In scenario 1, brushlands which exhibit high erosion rates close to 6 t ha -1 yr -1 are subjected to a strategy replacement with native forest that requires 30 yr to achieve adequate protection. The inherent erosivity determined by the rainfall at a location and the infiltration of the soil based on inherent soil properties.

The L and S factors were calculated using the equations defined by Wischmeier and Smith based on the slope’s length and gradient, which were obtained from a digital elevation model DEM with a cell size of 25 x 25 m.

Deposition occurs on the lower end of the slope because of a decrease in transport capacity because of a flattening of the slope. The cover-management factor values for scenario 1 are shown in Table 3and the area corresponding to each soil erosion rate is shown in Table 4.

The county’s climate is semiarid with a marked marine influence.


Even though the hillslope is non-uniform, a uniform hillslope is often assumed in RUSLE2 to compute soil loss on the upper eroding portion of the hillslope. Primer mapa nacional de la calidad del agua de Uruguay.

There are several international studies focused in the estimation of soil erosion by water at regional scale in which the USLE hicrica used through a geographic information system GIS Kouli et al, ; Farhan et al, ; Panagos et al, ; Medeiros et al. Assessing the effects of land-use changes on annual average gross erosion.

Deposition does not nidrica begin to occur just where transport capacity begins to decease. Reyes 1and Antoni Magri 2. In scenario 2, mixed brush and native succulent plants are completely replaced by eucalyptus forest.

It would be convenient, in addition, for the C-factors to be agreed on by experts because these values can vary based on several factors.

Do not use a K value that has been adjusted for rock fragments on the soil surface because use of such an adjusted K value can cause a major mathematical error in RUSLE2. Data analysis The basins were analyzed by a cluster analysis for definition of homogeneous regions, and in each cluster, the factors that contribute in an important manner in the erosion process was determined. Results were analyzed by comparing soil erosion rates with the associated vegetative cover species, age and density for forest, and species and agricultural practices for crops.

La erosion hidrica de los suelos. Causas y remedios

The clusters shown in Figure 3c are named as follows: Topographic factor LS-factor The slope gradient factor S-factor expressed in degrees, radians and percent was estimated by applying the second-degree polygons with free GIS software gvSIG www. A second aspect that arose from this cluster analysis and the results of soil erosion in the basins Figure 3b is that the basins that need a modification of their land use to protect the freshwater quality are in the South, a region currently dominated by soybean crop rotations and dairy production.

Values with different lowercase letters denote statistically significant differences. Other procedures must be used to estimate the other types of erosion. Deposition begins to occur where transport capacity equals sediment load.


In Uruguay, where there is heavy use of soil for agriculture, there is a need to continually develop and update erosion management policies. Erosivity is a function of climate and management. ABSTRACT Soil erosion is a growing problem in Central Chile, particularly in coastal dry lands, where it can significantly decrease the productivity of rainfed agriculture and forestry.

Abstract Soil erosion can be accelerated by agricultural intensification, and the soil loss can alter the quality of water bodies. Erodibility is a measure of the susceptibility inverse of resistance of the soil to erosion.

Eroeion purpose of both systems is runoff management to control excessive rill erosion and especially ephemeral gully erosion. The basins were analyzed by a cluster analysis for definition of homogeneous regions, and in each cluster, the factors that contribute in an important manner in the erosion process was determined.


Soil loss occurs on the inter-terrace interval. Mapping soil erosion risk in Rondonia, Brazilian Amazonia: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The cover-management C factor was determined for each type of vegetative cover and soil management scheme, based on the values proposed by Wischmeier and Smith and on descriptions of the vegetative communities that occur in the county CONAF-JICA, This scenario shows a significant reduction in soil loss as hirica to the current situation.

Even though deposition occurs, the surface runoff continue through the depositional area.

La erosion hidrica de los suelos. Causas y remedios

Much of the county has LS values of 0. Results and C factor values for scenario 2 are shown in Tables 3 and 4. Hidricx temporal scale used in computing the C factor was a crop stage period over which cover-management conditions were assumed to be represented by an average value for the period.