estrellita sonidos iniciales chart | match letter to sound Bilingual Kindergarten, Sonidos Iniciales en Español – Beginning Sounds in Spanish (Estrellita Style). Explore The Spanglish Señorita’s board “Sonidos Iniciales” on Pinterest. estrellita sonidos iniciales chart | match letter to sound Bilingual Kindergarten. ESTRELLITA INITIAL SOUNDS IN SPANISH. SONIDOS INICIALES ESTRELLITA CON HUGO. By racinghugo | Updated: Sept. 15, ,

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The fact that in the beginning the letter names is not taught at all, but rather the letter sound, seemed strange, but it makes complete sense! I have used Estrellita with him since he was 2 yrs.

Of course, back then it did not have as many additional ibiciales as it does now. Hello, My name is Maria Teniente. That would have been nice to receive from the school district.

Anonymous November 3, at 3: I worked the Sonidos frequently when he was 2 and 3 yrs old. About 4 years ago I purchased the “Parent Packet” so I could use the system on my son at home.


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My son is now in a MOntessori class and their method is similar also. Have you tried emailing Maria Teniente, who left a comment above? Maria Teniente July 30, at 6: So, there were materials Soonidos am sure we did not use to their potential. We can help you here at Estrellita.

Marquez, Jessica / Tabla de Sonidos Iniciales-Estrellita

I didn’t have any training on it. I commend you on your dedication to your child’s education And the Montessori Methods have been the same for more than years!

Knowing the letter name does not enable you to read, but knowing its sound does!!

Our curriculum has been used successfully in the home and estrelllita the classroom. It was an intuitive approach that the children learned easily and flowed to the subsequent steps easily and naturally. Victoria Salinas-Davis September 2, at 2: Please contact us at or via our website at www.

I’m not sure that is even still on the list of products. At that time that was the only product they offered me to use at home. Do you know if there is an introductory letter for parents that explains the Estrellita curriculum? We have spoken Spanish exclusively to him at home and it is still his dominant language. Monica Olivera September 2, at 8: My son is now 5. And i don’t think it is my son’s intellect ijiciales rather the logical way the information is presented.


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Newer Post Older Post Home. They don’t teach letter names but rather letter sounds first. Anonymous April 2, at Again I have been amazed at how easily he “gets it” and is suddenly trying to read everything!! Please e-mail me at mteniente estrellita.