One of Scandinavia’s most honored poets, veteran Danish writer Christensen originally published her book-length Alphabet 20 years ago to great acclaim; this . Inger Christensen () was both a virtuoso and a paradox. Her fiction, drama, essays and children’s books won her wide acclaim in Denmark and other . Inger Christensen’s alphabet is built up under two formal constraints. It is an alphabetical sequence: each of the fourteen sections essentially begins with a.

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alphabet | Bloodaxe Books

Alphabet was a lot more approachable than a lot of the other books we’ve have been reading lately. Even so, the alpbabet piece kept with the fibonacci sequence and alphabet patterns. Why does Christensen stop on the letter N, rather than proceeding all the way to Z?

But that didn’t need hcristensen be explained for the poetry to be an extravagantly eloquent consideration of the beauty of nature and the horror of us I have to read this again to get more out of it, I probably have to keep rereading it, but it’s stunning: The book was reviewed in Publishers Weekly in Alphabet is one of the most well-known poems [1] of Inger Christensen[2] who was broadly considered to be Denmark’s most prominent poet.

Then, I managed to decipher and come to like a bit of this abecedeariousness. Det er smukt og genialt!

alphabet [excerpt]

Hurra for at Inger Christensen fandtes. Here the transitions between the poet and the essayist Christensen are fluid: Aalphabet decir, cada verso es la suma de los dos precedentes: Forgetting about the first two num Inger Christensen’s alphabet is built up under two formal constraints. The work stops with the letter n, itself a mathematical symbol, which, as the 14th letter o Christensen often used mathematical models to structure her poetry.


The English translation surprisingly maintained a lot of the alliteration and, even when it didn’t, the translator’s choice of words still felt purposeful, weighty, and poetically luscious. Want to Ingeg saving….

Selected pages Inget Page. In terms of the writing, I liked how ideas and objects used in the beginning kept coming up throughout the poems.

I began this wlphabet with some preconceived notions from the back of the book: I immensely admire the translator, though I have to wonder how much s he had to change to turn the original into good English poetry. In terms of t With any translated pieces, I am always skeptical of what is lost and kept.

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alphabet by Inger Christensen

Her award-winning alphabet is based structurally on Fibonacci’s sequence a mathematical sequence in which each number is th Awarded the American-Scandinavian PEN Translation Prize alpgabet Michael Hamburger, Susanna Nied’s translation of alphabet introduces Inger Christensen’s poetry to US readers for the first time. Cada poema, y las palabras que utiliza, sigue el orden de las letras: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Still, so far this gets 3 stars: Feb 26, Jaclyn rated it it was amazing.

Inger Christensen is one of the most reflecting, form-conscious poets of the present day, and her history of ideas also provides information on the paradox of lyric christennsen making legible through poetic means what must necessary remain illegible, and in this way wrestling a specific order from the universal labyrinth. It is an alphabetical sequence: Alphabet Inger Christensen No preview available – I have to read this again to get more out of it, I probably have to keep wlphabet it, but it’s stunning: The flat, regular landscape of Denmark, its plants and animals, the beach, the sea, the snow-filled winters have determined the topography of many of her poems.


Inger Christensen

Her award-winning alphabet is based structurally on Apr 26, Naomi rated it it was amazing. She mentions trees from the very outset; the garden that blossoms up from her stanzas soon includes elder trees, cicadas, eider ducks, apple blossoms, and many more examples of life that flourish in the lines.

Alphabet deals with themes of nuclear war and chriwtensen devastation.

That combined with the alliteration that naturally yields from the poem’s second architectonic feature namely, the use of the alphabet letters A through N as primary characteristics of each of the fourteen sections make for a poem that is very acoustically pleasing, especially if read aloud in its native Danish.

Account Options Sign in. Some books of poems charge forward relentlessly, and do ingfr well; this book bends backward on itself so many times that you are surprised to find yourself where you started, but not really, and very much changed.

The composition reflects the theme exactly: In fact, it would be safe to say that this process may have been to her advantage.