View and Download Kodak EASYSHARE ZD user manual online. Zoom digital camera. EASYSHARE ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Kodak EasyShare ZD user manual online. Zoom digital camera. EasyShare ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Kodak EasyShare ZD user manual online. EasyShare zoom digital camera. EasyShare ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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Place Museum the camera on a tripod. Troubleshooting Insert a new or charged battery. You can purchase SD cards to store more picturesand videos.

The video is trimmed. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Page 58 Insert kldak new or charged battery Get customer support help see page see page see page Macro, Landscape 2 Press the Focus button repeatedly until or appears in the status bar. Enter text from picture: Attaching the lens cap and strap www.

Kodak EASYSHARE ZD user manual – – Solve your problem

To remove pictures from the original location after copying, delete them see page Place the camera on a flat, steady surface or use a tripod, especially in high-zoom settings or in low light. Highlight Bookmark, then press the OKbutton. If the LCD breaks, do not touch the glass or liquid. The picture is saved unless you press the Delete button.

To exit, either press the button until the icon turns off or mahual off the camera. To delete favorites from your camera, press the Delete button while in Favorites mode. OptionsOnOff default Pre-select album names before you take pictures orvideos. Page 35 Flower Close-ups of flowers or other small subjects in bright light. Follow the screen prompts to replace the original picture or iodak save the enhanced picture as a new one. The picture is saved unless you press the Delete button.


Kodak EASYSHARE ZD : Digital Camera User Guide

The flash fires once so the eyes become accustomed to the flash, then Red Eye fires again when the picture is taken. Unless a specific Kodak warranty is communicated to the purchaser in writing by a Kodak company, no warranty or liability exists beyond any minimum requirements imposed by law, even though defect, kodam, or loss may be by negligence or other act.

If practical, connect the camera to a Kodak 3-volt AC adapter sold separatelythen try again. Page 7 1Setting up your cameraAttaching the lens cap and strapwww.

Kodak EasyShare ZD710 zoom digital camera — User’s guide

Battery Life Remove the battery when the product is stored for an extended period of time. Windows OS—if the install window does not appear, choose Run from the Startmenu and type d: Picture Quality Problems During quickview, you can delete all pictures in the burst series.

Highlight Make Picture, then press the OKbutton. The video stops when manyal storage space remains. You can use optical zoombefore taking a video, but not while recording. Auto-focus framing marks are not available in Landscape.

Page 40 Continuous—no pause between optical and digital zoom. Format card in camera Change image storage location to internal memory page Transferring And Printing Pictures Installing the software 1 Close all open software applications before starting the installation.


Shutter button halfway down to focus.

Kodak EasyShare ZD710 User Manual

To exit,either press thebutton until the icon turns off or turn off the camera. Kodka Help Other Get support for other cameras, software, www.

Press the flash button repeatedly to scroll through flash modes.

The zoom indicator shows zoom status. Capture Frame GridTurn framing grid on or off. Turn kodxk off, then on again. Page 77 PictBridge printer, 48 picture quality, 31 pictures checking settings, 27 copying, 26 cropping, 18 deleting, 16 emailing tagged, 40 Kodak Perfect Touch, 18 printing, 50 printing tagged, 39 protecting, 16 reviewing, 15 storage capacity, 61 tagging, 44 taking, modes, 28 www.

Clear All, then exit the menu.

Page 49 Clear All, then exit the menu. Using The Setup Menu Auto default —the camera uses the card if one is Choose a storage location for pictures in the camera. Finish reading this book, so you can take and janual your best pictures! Only the 2- and second options are available in video mode. Copy pictures or videos: